Privacy is your pet community!

We want the users of to feel safe. doesn't want your personal details, we just want you to enjoy the community we are building.

Registered users are only required to give Username, Email Address and Gender. Your email address will not be given out to others. Setting your location is not required. Location is shared with other users.

Note: All content is public!

All content you post n this site is public (everyone can see it).
This includes, ObiPets, Photos, Stories, Videos, Comments and Forum Posts.

As with any site please be careful when adding private details that is publicly available to all.

Location: Providing your location is not required. You may notice that the site sometimes shows you a map that is centered in your location or your ObiPets location. This can happen because you set the location when editing your ObiUser profile or your ObiPets profile.
If no location has been set, it can use your browser to estimate your location. This feature is only on the newer browsers and you have the option to turn it off in your browser. Your IP address may also be used to guess your location.
Other users will not be able to see your location when this happens.

We understand that you may not want to share your location for privacy and security reasons and that is fine.
Remember that you don't have to put your exact location! You can always place your location near your local dog park, or just roughly in your area.

We are a new site, and we want to make you feel safe.
Please let us know if you have any privacy or security concerns at